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Colin Williams & His Vision

Coldax Mart Limited was established in 1999 by Founder and President, Colin Williams, who brings to the company over 35 years of marketing and management experience. This dream was born from his years of specific experience serving the Jamaican educational sector but more importantly, it was driven by his vision of a Jamaican educational system on par with any “first world” country.

This passion fuelled the establishment of a dynamic company whose customer–focused approach has enabled us to serve the full spectrum of the Jamaican educational landscape, across the length and breadth of the island as well as other Caribbean nations. We are the premier choice for educational Solutions to Corporate Jamaica & Jamaican Foundations

With over eighteen years of committed operations, Coldax Mart Limited has positioned itself as the chief supplier of educational and scientific material to the education sector, serving the primary to the tertiary level and encompassing most of the public and private institutions in Jamaica.

We provide a total service package for our clients through the design and creation of educational spaces. We combine all elements necessary to create an environment conducive to active learning. We understand that creative solutions are developed from mutual partnerships; this is why we work with you every step of the way to ensure that your needs are met. We also provide functional and technical training support for all our products through our competent sales and training staff. All our offers are backed by manufacturer’s guarantees and warranties.

We strive to raise the bar of educational and scientific excellence by providing superior, technology–enhanced solutions through outstanding customer service, competitive pricing and excellent after sales support.

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